But you'll have to wait until 2004 until they come out...

NOEL GALLAGHER has revealed to NME.COM that OASIS already have an album’s worth of new songs written for their next album.

Speaking last week, Noel said that between him, guitarist Gem Archer and brother Liam Gallagher, 13 songs are now written for the follow-up to ‘Heathen Chemistry’. No date has yet been set for the release of the new album and it’s not expected until late 2004 at the earliest.

“I’ve got about five songs done, Liam’s got about six, and Gem’s got a couple,” Noel said. Liam also spoke about his songs, telling NME.COM: “My songs are the best fucking songs in the world – I write the best fucking songs in the world.”

Although the band have been ‘officially’ taking a year off, an impromptu set from Noel and Gem at Kings Of Leon‘ Bandwagon club night in Liverpool (May 3) featured newie ‘Stop The Clocks’ and gave fans a glimpse into what the new album might sound like.

Other working titles for tracks are rumoured to be ‘They Ain’t Got Nothing On Me’, ‘They Ain’t `Got Nothing On You’, ‘Longer’, ‘Singin’ Your Life’, ‘You Wanna Feel My Shame’, ‘Say It’, ‘Revolution Man’ and ‘The Good Rebel’.

Noel revealed that the set in Liverpool was actually the result of a bet he made with a friend.

He said: “I bet that if Man City won, I’d get up and play. I only said it because I didn’t think that they’d win, so it came as a bit of a shock.”

He also said that he misses playing small venues with Oasis. “Absolutely. But if we (did), 95 per cent of people wouldn’t be able to get in. It’s a shame, but I wouldn’t rule out a secret gig – somewhere small – in a couple of years.”

He added, “It’s a great time for music at the moment… there’s so much great real music. The Coral are my new f**king favourite band.”

The guitarist also commented on the new Radiohead sound, saying, “I heard the single. I like it because it doesn’t annoy me. But then again with Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood in a band, they’re going to be great, put them together and you get genius.”

“But I don’t get the whole angst thing,” he mused. “I don’t like[/a], except for ‘Get Free’ – great track, but what have they got to be pissed off about? They live in Sydney, the most beautiful city in the word. [a] come from Liverpool and they have the right to be pissed off, but they write beautiful songs about how great life could be – they are geniuses.

Radiohead have sold twenty million albums and they’re still miserable? I can tell you from personal experience – it’s not that bad. Trust me.”