The rocker says his relationship with new girlfriend Sara McDonald spurred him to write several tracks on the LP...

NOEL GALLAGHER has revealed that his relationship with new girlfriend SARA MacDONALD spurred him to write several of the tracks on OASIS‘ new album.

Speaking to NME.COM in the US, Gallagher said the album features a few songs that were knocking around for a couple of years, but the rest have come from being happy in his relationship.

He admits: “I suppose the songwriting speeded up when I met my new girlfriend [Sara] because I was really happy. I tend to write when I’m in a good mood. I don’t write at all when I’m in a bad mood because I don’t like writing. I don’t do angst very well.”

Describing her as “a lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely girl that I met in Ibiza a while back,” he said: “She’s from Scotland and she is very, very beautiful and very, very funny. That’s about as much as I know.”

And he said that, despite the divorce proceedings from ex-wife Meg Mathews, the last year has been a breeze compared with the previous one.

“The year leading up to breaking up was the worst, because you’ve got to make a decision about what you’re gonna do. Once you’ve actually made it, it’s fine. It’s tough thinking that you’re not gonna see as much of your daughter as possible. But other than that, this year and most of last year for me has been perfect, you know, because I’m active a lot. It was the year before that was fuckin’ awful.”

He said he sees his daughter Anais about once a week, and joked that she now recognises Liam on TV, laughing: “I’ve seen her point at Liam and say da-da. I’m sure there’s a lawsuit in there for somebody!”

He also described how he has grown closer to Liam. “I’ve spent more time with Liam over the last six months than I spent with him over the last six years. He’s actually started growing up and stuff like that. He’s not a bad kid.”

And, adding that eight tracks are almost completed, with just Liam’s vocals to add and “little gaps” to fill in on the band’s new album, his enthusiasm for the new record is stronger than ever. “I’m telling you now I’m fuckin’ very, very, very, very excited about this album. It’s full of fuckin’ classic tunes all the way.”