Frontman Liam presents injured brother Noel with a bouquet of flowers onstage at the New York show...

NOEL GALLAGHER was given a hero’s welcome as he led OASIS out to restart their US tour in New York last night (August 12) following last week’s car crash.

He showed few signs of the facial bruising and whiplash he suffered in the smash, save for a little puffiness around the eyes and his brother Liam Gallagher marked the return presenting Noel with a bouquet of flowers onstage.

In Tuesday’s (August 6) crash a taxi Noel, bassist Andy Bell and keyboard player Jay Darlington were travelling in hit another car head-on in Indianapolis. Noel was worst injured, while Darlington suffered hand injuries.

There was no mention of the smash until the encore when Noel said: “Well, you might have heard I had a little accident. You know many how many get-well cards I got? Fuckin’ one, I got… one.” He then joked that “if this was 1995 and I was selling lots of records, then I’d be gettin’ loads of good wishes. My record company didn’t even send flowers.” And right on cue, as ‘Some Might Say’ struck-up, Liam walked onstage with a bunch of flowers and presented them with a kiss.

“They smell like piss,” joked Noel. “This must be where he’s keepin’ the drugs.”

The show, in front of a 3,500 capacity crowed, found