A police report confirms that driver error caused the smash that injured Noel Gallagher and forced the postponement of shows...

Police have said OASIS‘ taxi driver was to blame for the car accident that left three band members, including NOEL GALLAGHER, injured and the forced postponement of three US shows.

Eyewitnesses at Tuesday’s (August 6) accident, which saw the taxi Oasis members were in hit another car head-on at a busy Indianapolis junction, had claimed that the driver, Ghebriahiwet Foto, ran a red light. Now a police report into the accident has confirmed this.

In a brief statement to NME.COM, a spokesperson for the Indianapolis Police Department said: “The cab driver was at fault for disregarding a signal and failure to yield right of way. He wasn’t issued a citation at the scene.” Foto will not be charged with any driving offence.

Noelsuffered heavy facial bruising, whiplash and shock in the smash. The injuries were severe enough to lead to the cancellation of three Oasis shows – Indianapolis (August 6), Philadelphia (August 9) and Boston (10). They are due to restart their sold-out US tour in New York’s Roseland on August 11.

Bassist Andy Bell and keyboard player Jay Darlington were also passengers in the taxi, and while their injuries were less severe than Gallagher’s, all three were taken by ambulance to the nearby Wishard Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Darlington suffered hand injuries and returned the following day for further treatment. Gallagher had been in the front passenger seat and bore the brunt of the impact. He was told by doctors to rest for three days following the smash.