The Oasis star says the first signing to his Sour Mash label "have got to learn to stand on their own two feet".

NOEL GALLAGHER is attempting to distance himself from both his label SOUR MASH and PROUD MARY, the first act he signed, as it becomes apparent their album is set to bomb on Sunday (June 24).

The album, ‘Same Old Blues’, is sitting at Number 81 in the album midweek charts having sold just over 500 copies nationwide since its release yesterday (June 18). If present sales trends continue, it will fail to make any significant impression on the chart.

And today, Noel appeared to be getting fed up with the label he established and the band he hoped would be that label’s figureheads.

“I’m sick to death of it already,” he said. “I have signed a band called Proud Mary and they have been too closely associated with me. They have got to learn to stand on their own two feet.”

However, a spokesperson for Proud Mary denied this afternoon that this meant the band and label were likely to be wound up.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph today, Noel also revealed that Oasis had decided to boot ‘Wonderwall’ from their set for good as he felt it was wrong to perform a song written about his ex-wife, Meg Mathews. “It doesn’t seem right any more. So we are not going to bother doing it,” he said. He also directed some pointed remarks at Meg – “The party girls and all that shite. Grow up and get a proper job,” he said, adding, “I just walked straight past Meg when I saw her in court. That woman has taken me to court and I abhor it.”

Noel also said he and Liam were getting along better than they ever had

“We have the funniest, funniest times, which we never did before,” he said, adding ,”Liam used to really annoy me, but now I think he is a comic genius, the funniest guy I have known in my entire life. I believe that in the old days he was difficult and drinking so heavily because of his ex-wife [Patsy Kensit]. She made him unhappy and he used to take it out on the rest of the band.”