It's a tense night in Cardiff as the band play their first show since Munich...

LIAM GALLAGHER dedicated ‘LIVE FOREVER’ to his missing front teeth on the opening night of OASIS’ UK tour last night.

The show at the Cardiff CIA (December 8) marked the group’s first live performance since their fracas in a German hotel, in which Liam is alleged to have kicked a German policemen and battled with a group of Italians.

The band took to the stage at 9pm, with Liam clad in camouflage jacket, his trademarked half-crescent tambourine clutched in hand.


Noel Gallagher remained silent for the majority of the show, but loosened up a little in a short solo acoustic spot, performing acoustic readings of ‘Married With Children’ and ‘The Masterplan’.

Earlier in the weekend however, Noel had hinted that relations were still strained between the Gallagher brothers.

“All I’m bothered about is that he can still sing,” he told the News Of The World newspaper. “My concern is for his voice. But I haven’t spoken to him directly. Why should we talk after what’s gone on? Since I’ve been back I’ve been looking after my daughter.

“I really don’t know what we’re going to do about his drinking and behaviour – we’ve been here before but I really don’t want to be here again, if you take my meaning. At least the tour is back on and I’m glad because I don’t want to let down any of our supporters.”

Oasis were forced to cancel their remaining four European mainland dates in the aftermath of the brawl so Liam could return to the UK for vital dental surgery.

The group continue their UK tour this evening with a second show in Cardiff, and are due to end at the Birmingham NIA on December 19. All shows are sold out.