Oasis return to the UK stage this evening - but it seems the Gallagher brothers still aren't speaking to each other...

NOEL GALLAGHER says he hasn’t spoken to his brother LIAM since the MUNICH fracas – despite the fact they will have to share a stage this evening in CARDIFF.

Liam has been undergoing dental work in London after a violent incident in a German hotel led to the cancellation of their final tour dates on the European mainland.

A statement confirming the UK shows will go ahead has been issued, which reads: “After extensive dental work in London over the past two days an Oasis spokesperson has confirmed that Liam’s broken teeth have been successfully replaced and he is able to sing without problem.”

This evening, Oasis will play at the Cardiff CIA (December 8), the first night on a UK jaunt that will end the band’s World Tour in support of their current album ‘Heathen Chemistry’.

Speaking in London yesterday, where the band were filming a new video, Noel said the brothers haven’t yet spoken about the incident.

“All I’m bothered about is that he can still sing,” he told the News Of The World newspaper. “My concern is for his voice. But I haven’t spoken to him directly. Why should we talk after what’s gone on? Since I’ve been back I’ve been looking after my daughter.

“I really don’t know what we’re going to do about his drinking and behaviour – we’ve been here before but I really don’t want to be here again, if you take my meaning. At least the tour is back on and I’m glad because I don’t want to let down any of our supporters.”

Noel recently told NME that he and his brother fell out on the Japanese leg of their tour, when Liam walked off stage, leaving his brother to perform a solo set.

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