But the band's new album is not set for release until July...

A handful of new OASIS songs have been leaked on the Internet, NME.COM has learned.

The Liam Gallagher-penned ‘Songbird’, rumoured future single ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’, the Noel Gallagher-sung ‘She Is Love’ and ‘Little By Little’, also sung by Noel are amongst the tracks currently circulating online.

Their new album, ‘Heathen Chemistry’, is not set for release until July. The new single, ‘The Hindu Times’, will be released on April 15.

Recently, Oasis songwriter Noel Gallagher said he wasn’t a fan of the Internet, as he thought it took the magic out of the music – and their label Sony have previously threatened any unofficial websites with legal action if they breached any copyright laws regarding the band.

Noel told MTV recently: “Fast forward to today and there’s a webcam in the Radiohead studio while they’re recording their album. And they write a diary. There’s too much information going on here… I don’t want to know how you make your records and I don’t want you to know how I make my records. I don’t want you to see me in the studio looking like an arse, having just got out of bed!

“The more information you give people, the more the magic goes out of the music. Webcams in studios I find appalling. Ours would be quite interesting as it goes, you’d just see a load of people sitting around drinking.”

Fans will now see how the band’s record label react to the leak. When songs from the [a][/a]’ last album ‘Know Your Enemy’ appeared on Napster, many fans who had downloaded songs had their accounts blocked after the band’s record label Sony Music indicated that they planned to launch a breach of copyright lawsuit.