Wiz tells NME.COM the truth behind the 'Pills' and 'Bombs' slogans featured in the promo for 'The Hindu Times'...

OASIS’ new video contains a hidden message about the state of the world post-September 11, NME.COM can reveal.

The video to ‘The Hindu Times’ features the group playing live – but occasionally the slogans ‘Pills’ and ‘Bombs’ flash up on screen. The video’s director Wiz told NME.COM that the slogans were about hedonism and escapism in the current climate following September 11, and the fact the band have been well-known hedonists in the past.

He explained: “‘Pills’ and ‘Bombs’? That was my idea. The band certainly approved it though. It’s basically saying everyone getting loaded at the moment, some people on pills and some people on bombs and maybe the reason some people are getting loaded on pills is ‘cos of the bombs falling. It’s some kind of escape from the times we’re having.

“The ‘pills’ and ‘bombs’ thing is a pun on getting loaded. It was going to be ‘pills’ and ‘bullets’ but bombs seemed to be better. Oasis don’t exist in a vacuum and they’re still relevant. Noel in particular is very interested about what’s going on in the world. It’s just proof that Oasis live in 2002 and not 1967 by doing something like that, a little detail like that, and for it to work.”

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