NME.COM can reveal the Gallagher brothers haven't had a chat in six weeks...

LIAM and NOEL GALLAGHER have fallen out again, NME.COM can reveal – and the brothers are no longer on speaking terms.

The falling-out between the brothers happened almost six weeks ago when Liam stormed offstage at the beginning of an Oasis gig in Japan.

Liam had bowed out of the gig at Fukuoka Kokusai Center after he said his voice had packed in. But Noel reacted furiously and is still blaming his younger brother for leaving him to sing a solo set.


Noel told NME.COM: “Liam had been whingeing about his monitors all the way through the tour, really bitching. After the fourth song, ‘…Morning Glory’, I said to him ‘Are you gonna fucking shut up for the rest of the fucking year, or are you gonna carry on moaning you moaning bastard?’. He looked at me really weirdly and threw his tambourine on the floor like a woman, then walked off.”

At first, Noel assumed Liam would return. But he had gone for the night. Noel added: “The tour manager said he had gone, so I thought: ‘You fucking wanker’. They got Liam on the phone and there was just this torrent of abuse. I haven’t spoken to him since. Not a word. It’s probably best that way, until the tour is finished. Because if I did, I would probably knock him out.

“If he walks into a room, I’ll walk out because I think he fucking let us down. I don’t mind if he’s got a sore throat, but not if he just wantonly has a diva fit on stage because his elder brother tells him to stop moaning. Because if everyone at the gig sees the singer having a bad time, they think: should I be having a good time or a bad time?”