Meanwhile, local heroes Idlewild prove most popular draw of day...

OASIS and STARSAILOR were involved in a backstage fight yesterday (July 13) at T In The Park after Starsailor frontman James Walsh asked Noel Gallagher about a remark he made about him recently in the NME.

Liam Gallagher became involved and was physically restrained by one of his security guards after the spat degenerated into a near brawl. The rock ‘n roll row began in mid-afternoon when Walsh approached Noel and asked him why he had called him “a cock” in a recent interview. Noel replied: “I don’t know what you’re talking about. But you must be a cock then and by the way, you’re wearing my T-shirt.”

Within minutes, frontman Liam became involved.

“Liam came over and squared up to me,” Walsh told NME.COM this morning (July 14), “He puffed up his little pigeon chest and said: ‘Don’t ever interupt my brother’s interview again [Noel had been doing a number of interviews in the backstage area at the time]. If someone says you are a cock, then you are one. That’s it.’ He then got his security guards over and one held him back while I was talking to another one. It all just got a bit out of hand.”

Walsh said he thought the entire thing was “quite funny”. “I was a huge fan of Oasis,” he added, “We’re a band who were inspired by them. It tarnishes the spirit of it.” Oasis could not be reached for comment this morning.

Both bands move from T In The Park to the Witnness Festival just outside of Dublin today. Security is bound to be high in a bid to keep the both camps apart. Despite the row, Walsh described Starsailor appearance at the festival as “amazing – it was better than Glastonbury.”

On the mainstage, Oasis ruled the roost, dragging most of the NME Stage headliners Basement Jaxx’s prospective fans across the site to watch them. It was the first time they had played at T In The Park – in front of their fervent Scottish fans – since 1994. Oasis’ set, including ‘Columbia’, ‘Hello’ and a raft of new material from current album ‘Heathen Chemistry’, was almost the same as that played last week at their three-day stint at Finsbury Park in London.

Meanwhile, local heroes [/a] proved the biggest draw of the day at the NME stage. They took to the stage, as over 50,000 Scottish revellers basked in sunshine, to a guitar squealing version of the unofficial Scottish national anthem, ‘Flower Of Scotland’, and played to the biggest, most varied and receptive crowd of the day.

Other Scottish heroes Primal Scream were not so well received. Arriving late on-site, they appeared on the main stage looking wasted and worked through a lack-lustre set that left many fans talking about a major anti-climax.

Back on the NME stage, a widely publicised ban on crowd surfing failed to sour the atmosphere as first metallers Halo then US MOR rockers Hoobastank took to the stage.

[a] and [/a] attracted the youngest crowds of the day while A and [a] also proved popular draws. All four bands also drew excitable crowds at the bustling NME Signing Tent.

The buxx band of the day were vestment wearing US collective Polyphonic Spree who drew a bigger than average crowd as they appeared first on the Main Stage, and then had many on site talking about them all day.

Tayside Police praised revellers for generating a carnival atmosphere at the event. Only 19 arrests had been made by the end of the day. Chief Superintendent Bob Main said: “We are pleased with the way everything is going.”

There have been reports of a stabbing onsite, though these remained unconfirmed at time of going to press.

T In The Park, at Balado near Kinross continues today with acts including Foo Fighters, The Chemical Brothers,

Green Day, [/a], Air and [a].