Noel Gallagher says the band have "unfinished business" there...

NOEL GALLAGHER has said OASIS are planning a return to Australia, four years after their only “awful” trip there.

The group played their only Australian dates in February and March 1998, when they were touring third album ‘Be Here Now’.

The band’s trip started on a bad note when Liam Gallagher was banned from airline Cathay Pacific after allegedly abusing passengers and crew on the flight to Perth from Hong Kong.

Gallagher told the Australian Herald Sun newspaper that the “rotten” gigs mean he considers Oasis have “unfinished business” down under.

He said: “We were rotten every night we played. It was awful. When we started to draw a plan of action for this year I said, ‘We’ve got to go back to Australia’, and everyone was like, ‘Why? We didn’t have a good time last time’.

“And I said, ‘We have to go back, if that’s the only time we ever go, it cannot be left like that’. We’ve got unfinished business. I have to say in our defence it was the end of a nine-month world tour and I think everyone was verging on alcoholism. There were a lot of drugs about, I was nearly 13kg overweight. But you live and learn.”

Noel said that this time he plans to do some sightseeing, rather than sitting in a hotel bar for “two weeks”.

He continued: “We’ve worked out it’s probably better not to go out the night before a gig. It’s probably better to go out the night after a gig when you’ve got a day off the next day.

“Whereas we didn’t like to discriminate between that kind of stuff on the ‘Be Here Now’ tour. Every night was Friday night, the gig was only something that got in the way.

“We just carried on drinking on stage. But fuck it. We got paid. We didn’t really want to be there, we just wanted to be in the pub, so we just brought the pub along with us.”

Oasis tour Europe throughout July, before heading off to the US in August. More UK dates follow in September, followed by a trip to the Far East. Australian dates could follow their visit to Japan in October.