Our poll also reveals the fans' love for new LP 'Heathen Chemistry'...

OASIS fans have declared last weekend’s gigs at FINSBURY PARK better than their seminal show at KNEBWORTH.

That was the sensational verdict of a poll conducted by NME.COM last weekend at the shows. We asked hundreds of Oasis fans leaving the site after Friday’s (July 5) show whether they had taken part in the Britpop defining Knebworth weekend back in 1996 and of those that had, an amazing 75% considered Friday’s show a better experience, despite the rain and sound problems suffered by the band.

In another boost to the band’s new-found standing as Britain’s most popular live attraction (tickets sold out for all three of the Finsbury Park shows in a matter of hours), 20% of the people polled also considered the band’s new album, ‘Heathen Chemistry’ their best ever and twice as many reckoned Oasis should carry on rather than splitting up.

The poll, under the title ‘All their people, right here, right now’, was conducted exclusively by NME.COM to reveal a unique snapshot of Oasis fans, arguably the most mad-for-it fanbase in the world.

For the full results, see this week’s souvenir issue, which is out in London now, and nationwide tomorrow (July 10).