We're talking paddling pools full of Guinness, a pink Cadillac, and a yoga teacher and mat...

Acts playing Ireland’s WITNNESS festival have made a host of bizarre requests for backstage perks, with one performer reportedly asking for a paddling pool full of GUINNESS.

The unnamed artist even wants straws to drink it with.

Other odd requests include a pink Cadillac, a goldfish bowl, and a bottle of pure oxygen on stage.

Guinness is sending an extra 45 staff to the event at Dublin’s Fairyhouse Racecourse on July 13 and 14 to staff backstage bars and to meet requests of artists.

Festival organisers revealed the weird and wonderful things some artists have requested, but refused to name them.

Other requests included a personal barman, a golf cart or scooters as transport to the stage, a helicopter with as many female models as possible, and a yoga teacher and mat.

Prodigy are headlining on Saturday night and Oasis on Sunday night.