Even The Beatles and the Oasis star himself...

NOEL GALLAGHER says older musicians have nothing interesting to sing about and THE BEATLES‘ music was “crap” after they turned 30.

The Oasis star also admits his own songwriting skills can only go downhill now he’s reached 35.

He told German magazine Der Spiegel: “There’s only a handful of subjects it’s actually worth writing about – love, anger, sex and drugs. And I often think when I’m writing new songs that I’ve already said it better before.”

He added: “Rock musicians on the wrong side of 30 only ever write about trivial stuff. The Rolling Stones are rubbish nowadays and John Lennon and George Harrison only produced crap after they reached 30.”

And he says he will not be turning to his own experiences since he found fame, such as his divorce from Meg Mathews, as material for his songs.

He says he wants to keep writing from the perspective of “a working class bloke from a council estate in Manchester”, despite his huge fortune.