Liam Gallagher believes the band have another classic in them - then it will "be the time to knock it on the head"...

LIAM GALLAGHER believes OASIS are edging close to their “great album”… and time for the band to split.

Speaking ahead of the release of new album ’Heathen Chemistry’ next week (July 1), the Oasis frontman said he has no worries about a break-up if it were to come.

“It’s not about the image now,” he believes. “We’ve done that. Now it’s about making a great album – which I think we’re getting close to. And if that means the end then fine. I think this is a good album but I don’t think it’s the best album we’ll ever do.

“The next album will be even better and the closer you get to that great album then that will be the time to knock it on the head I think,” he adds.

Liam was speaking in an interview to be broadcast on Steve Lamacq’s Radio 1 show tonight. During the interview, fans will also hear him rate his bandmates as “the best… the best band in the world. Even before I thought we were the best band but we weren’t, we had the best songs but we weren’t the best players.”

He adds: “We go out a lot more. It got to a point in ‘96/’97 where I was just sitting in like a hermit watching TV but now we all go out together.”

Meanwhile, in his part of the interview, broadcast last night (June 24), Noel Gallagher predicted a dramatic end forOasis.

“I think if we’re going to go out then we we’ll go out on top. It’s either got to be a plane crash or something monumental,” he said.