The Oasis star admits he was bowled over by Adams' cover one of his most famous songs...

OASIS mainman NOEL GALLAGHER has revealed he didn’t feel able to properly perform one of his most famous songs, ‘WONDERWALL’ , until he heard Ryan Adams

do an “amazing” cover of it.

The song, a Number Two hit for Oasis in 1995, and one of their most enduringly popular songs, has not been a regular fixture in the band’s live set for many years.


Speaking just before he launched into ‘Wonderwall’ at Tuesday’s (October 29) Make Trade Fair charity gig Noel said: “I never got my head round this song until I went to see heard Ryan Adams

play and he did an amazing cover of it. So now I’m going to cover one of my own songs in the style of heard Ryan Adams.”

The news will no doubt delight heard Ryan Adams. He is a massive fan of Oasis and has included ‘Wonderwall’ as a mainstay of his live show for some time. And during his show at London’s Brixton Academy earlier this summer, Noel joined Ryan Adams onstage to work through ‘Morning Glory’.

“I love Oasis, I really love Oasis,” Ryan Adams told NME recently. “We’re not good friends, but Noel and have hung out two or three times. They’re the best band in the world.”