The band refuse to allow two of their tracks to be used in a recruitment video...

Oasis have gone into battle with the British army over use of two of their tracks in a recruitment video.

The band discovered that the Highlanders regiment were using ‘Hello’ and ‘Wonderwall’ in a video being shown in shopping malls on a recent recruitment drive. The Edinburgh-based regiment had not asked permission to use the songs – and when it was sought it was denied by Noel Gallagher.

The video footage is said to have shown soldiers in fatigues on desert manoeuvres. Three hundred copies of the tape were recalled.

“We didn’t realise we needed permission to use the songs until it was brought to our attention,” a Ministry Of Defence spokesperson said.

“Their record label was contacted by the regiment to seek permission but it was turned down and so we’ve had to recall every one of the videos.”

Oasis release their new album ‘Heathen Chemistry’ on July 1. You can hear it this week on NME.COM by clicking here… [url=] here.