Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Hives, Soundtrack Of Our Lives - he loves 'em all...

Oasis guitarist NOEL GALLAGHER has told NMEthe music scene in 2002 is the best it has been “for years”.

Speaking in this week’s issue of NME, Gallagher said the current plan is to release two singles before the album, which has been given a working title of ‘Heathen Chemistry’, later this year. However, nothing has yet been scheduled.

Elsewhere, Gallagher enthused about the blossoming music scene, saying he has a better feeling about Oasis than any time in the last six years.

He commented: “This is the best time in music for years. If I was a kid right now, I’d be so excited. I’ve heard about six brilliant albums in the last few months that are better than anything that’s been out in the last six years.”

Gallagher cited records by Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Hives as his personal favourites. He has previously told NME.COM that he considers Strokes one of the best bands in the world.

Speaking about how Oasis fit into the current music scene on the eve of the release of their fifth studio album, he said: “(The new album) is good. It’s very hard for me to describe. It’s not a massive departure. It’s still Oasis, we’re still a rock’n’roll band. But I reckon if we were a new band and this was our first album people would be pretty blown away.”

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