The Oasis family tipped to head for TV...

After the smash hit show ‘THE OSBOURNES’, NME.COM can exclusively reveal that another rock family could be heading for TV – THE GALLAGHERS.

Noel Gallagher has told NME.COM about intimate, fly-on-the-wall footage of Oasis, filmed by one of the band’s long-time roadies over the last seven years. Noel also spoke about the possibility of letting cameras into his home – and TV production companies have already jumped at the idea.

MTV hit ‘The Osbournes’ has already been confirmed for a second series, with Ozzy and his family earning a rumoured £10 million for the new episodes. The show is expected to spawn several imitations, and the Gallaghers have been identified as a TV family who could be a hit with viewers.


Noel said of their roadie’s footage: “He’s had a video camera since ‘95, and he just films everything and he’s got tons of fucking stuff. Us getting pulled at customs and stuff like that.”

The Oasis man added that, in addition to the archive footage, a fly-on-the-wall ‘Osbournes’-style show would be “fantastic” – as long as the cameras were hidden. “Obviously we understand it (‘The Osbournes’) because that’s the way we talk,” Noel said. “It looked funny as fuck. I would get too self-conscious – not because I’d look like a knobhead – but because there’s things that just wouldn’t be real. Unless they hid them [the cameras] in your house and you didn’t know. That would be fantastic. But how would you have breakfast with the guy with the big furry thing and someone running around after him with the cable?”

One TV executive told NME.COM that, depending on the level of access, the Gallaghers could command £15,000 per episode – £150,000 for a ten-episode run. This figure is a fraction of the Osbournes’ current rates, but Ozzy and his family got much less for the first series, so the Gallaghers could see their fee rocket if the show was a success.

Jo Pilkington, Sky TV’s senior commissioning executive, was excited about the possibility of ‘The Gallaghers’. She told NME.COM: “I think it’s a great idea. ‘The Osbournes’ is great TV and I can’t think of a better set-up to replicate ‘The Osbournes’ than Oasis. Oasis have still got a lot of work to do on the American market, so I see this as a British idea. With Oasis, you take it rough and ready, just like Ozzy. When they’re on a roll, that’s when you get the best stuff.”

She added: “I would say that we would be mad not to be interested, although a lot of other stations would be interested as well. But it depends on access. It’s clear that, for ‘The Osbournes’, it’s 24/7 access. That would have to be sorted. You want them together the whole time. It’s much more interesting to see punch-ups. They make good telly.”

Noel’s other idea for a show is likely to prove less popular with TV executives, though. “Maybe on cable we could get our own channel, just me and Liam telling it like it is,” Noel suggested.