What, even better than 'Magic Pie'??...

NOEL GALLAGHER claims to have written a brand new song that is “the best I’ve ever written”.

As NME revealed recently, Noel has been in and out of the studio in the early part of this year, putting down ideas for Oasis songs that could feature on the follow-up to last year’s ‘Heathen Chemistry’. Noel said that one of the new songs, ‘Stop The Clocks’, has gone down well.

“People are saying it’s the best song I’ve ever written,” he told Teletext. “And that’s from mates outside the band who were: ‘Aye, that’s OK,’ when I played ‘Wonderwall’ to them for the first time.”

Oasis play live in Germany next month, rearranged shows following the incident in a Munich nightclub which resulted in Liam losing his teeth.