Noel finished his bits three-and-a-half months ago...

NOEL GALLAGHER has said that OASIS pulled the release of their new single because he thought it simply “wasn’t good enough”, and has claimed that brother LIAM delayed the release of the album by doing “nothing” for the last “three-and-a-half months”.

Speaking in an interview in the current issue of Manchester lifestyle magazine City Life, Noel said he has no idea when any new material will see the light of day because Liam is yet to complete the vocal parts for the album.

Noel had previously told NME.COM that he wanted to complete the record before rehearsals started for their current ‘Ten Years Of Noise And Confusion’ tour of small UK venues.

Speaking about the first single, which was originally intended for release this month to coincide with the shows, he said: “We had it mixed and the artwork done and everything, I’ve still got the finished version in front of me now, I just thought it wasn’t really good enough. We decided to go back to the drawing board. It was a good vibe, but it just needed more work. It was one verse and one chorus repeated over and over again, much in the same vein as ‘Roll With It’.”

Talking about the album sessions as a whole, Noel said he is “livid” that Liam has not yet completed recording vocal parts for the album. It means there is currently no fixed release date for any of the new material.

He continued: “I was really happy with (the album) until recently, but I’m fucking livid now. I finished my bits three-and-a-half months ago, and then we handed it over to Liam, and in three-and-a-half months he’s done nothing. Just concentrated on his drinking habit again. It’s just drifting at the moment.

“All the backing tracks are done and it’s a fantastic album of instrumentals. Hand it over to the singer and it just slows down and becomes this one really long, drawn-out, painful process. So to be honest with you I don’t know when it’ll come out now. It’s down to him. Something will be out next year, but someone’s gonna have to give him a fucking kick up the arse, man. It’s just laziness, that’s all it is, and maybe a lack of confidence.”