Death In Vegas create a denim-clad dream team on their forthcoming single...

After being branded ‘OASIS-QUO’ by their detractors for years, OASIS

have finally teamed up with veteran rockers STATUS QUO and will release a single in the New Year – courtesy ofDeath In Vegas.

The track ‘Scorpio Rising’, from the [a][/a] album of the same name, features Liam Gallagher on vocals. The album sleevenotes carries a songwriting credit for Status Quo’s Francis Rossi and says the song “contains elements of ‘Pictures Of Matchstick Men'”. The song, a psychedelic number written, Rossi claims, when he was on the toilet, was Status Quo’s first hit in 1967. It went Top Ten in the UK and climbed to Number 12 in the US.


During the height of the Britpop Oasisv Blurwars of 1995, Damon Albarn said that due to their repetition of simple chords and phrases, Oasis should call themselves Oasis-Quo. Noel Gallagher took the slight on the chin and began wearing a T-shirt bearing the legend ‘Quoasis’. The Quo references faded during the last few years… until now.

‘Scorpio Rising’ looks likely to be released in January 2003.