The star guests on Death In Vegas' new LP - but he draws the line when it comes to certain lyrics...

LIAM GALLAGHER draws the line when it comes to singing about NAZIS, NME.COM can reveal.

Following last week’s exclusive story that Liam was guest vocalist on the title track of Death In Vegas‘ forthcoming ‘Scorpio Rising’ LP, NME.COM has learned that he baulked at singing some of the lyrics as they were originally written because they alluded to “the Fuhrer”.

Noel Gallagher told NME.COM this week: “Liam’s weird about that kind of thing He’s like going to me, ‘I’m not too sure about some of these lyrics’. And I’m going, ‘Look just go down there and tell them. You’re in the biggest band in the fookin’ country. Just go in there and tell them. Do what you do here, you fucking arrogant little twat.'”

Death In Vegas‘s Richard Fearless confirms that Liam refused to sing the lines. He said: “The actual lines I wrote first were, “Harrison murals on the corner/Insane men preaching the fuhrer’, because we found this Nazi selling memorabilia on the street and preaching. Liam didn’t want to sing about the Fuhrer, though. He was, like, ‘I get where you’re coming from, but I’m not doing it’.”

‘Scorpio Rising’ is due for release in September. For more on this story, see this week’s NME, which is out now.