Internet sources say the follow-up to 'Standing Of The Shoulder Of Giants' is imminent...

Oasis will release their new album in May this year, according to Internet sources.

The group have been putting the finishing touches to the follow-up to 2000’s ‘Standing Of The Shoulder Of Giants’ in recent weeks. The album, given a working title of ‘Heathen Chemistry’, was delayed last year while songwriter Noel Gallagher changed the parts he wasn’t happy with, and brother Liam completed vocal duties.

Now, American lifestyle magazine Entertainment Weekly have reportedly listed the record’s release date as May 7 in the US, which corresponds to a May 6 release in the UK. A UK spokesperson said the release date comes from “unofficial sources”.

Oasis are gearing up for live shows next month, where fans are likely to get the opportunity to hear new songs. The dates, at the Watford Coliseum (February 5) and Royal Albert Hall (February 6) will be the band’s first UK performances since their ‘Noise And Confusion’ tour last year.

At those, Oasis played new songs ‘The Hindu Times’ and ‘Hung In A Bad Place’.