So they must be at least as good as Proud Mary. If that's possible. Plus all the latest from Travis, QOTSA and Bobby Gillespie...

NOEL GALLAGHER sent his seal of approval to newcomers THE STANDS as they took the stage at the New Tent this afternoon (June 28) – but the OASIS star himself never materialised on stage.

On-site rumour had been rife that he would turn up in person to introduce the band after he arrived this afternoon, but instead he asked the stage’s regular announcer to pass on his regards.

”I’ve just been speaking to a young lad called Noel, who thinks they’re brilliant,” he said, and alluded to Noel’s absence, adding: “If any of you were expecting someone here this afternoon – tough! But he did tell me to tell you he may be in the Comedy Tent doing his stand-up routine at 1.30 in the morning.”

In other news, Travis have reportedly been seen on site,

Bobby Gillespie and Kate Moss are still partying hard, Grandaddy’s Nick Oliveri has been spotted backstage, while Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster’s Jason Lytle arrived on site a day early, and was wandering around the Green Fields and Healing Fields this afternoon. Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster play the Other Stage tomorrow evening (June 29).

Meanwhile, [/a] have just stormed on to the Other Stage in blistering evening sunshine, with singer Guy McKnight brandishing an enormous black banner with “I WANT TO FUCK YOUR MOTHER” spray-painted on it in white. The band had been dishing out little black hand-held flags to the audience with the same sentiment on them. They currently have a stunning converted classic car sitting in the Other Stage backstage enclosure, customised with orange and red flames along the front, and the band’s name along the side.

And the [a] have just arrived on the

Pyramid Stage clad in red robes, and introduced by a town cryer!