Apart from The Strokes and BRMC, that is...

NOEL GALLAGHER has dismissed US rock music – with the exception of THE STROKES and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – as having “no soul”.

Oasis are preparing to embark on a major US tour in the summer in support of their new album ‘Heathen Chemistry’, which is released on July 1.

Speaking to MTV news to promote the dates, Gallagher dismissed US rock as “as bad as it’s ever been”, claiming that he wouldn’t be able to look his fans “in the face” if Oasis diverted from their “rock’n’roll” roots.

He said: “I think that if we take [a][/a] and The Strokes out of the equation, American rock music is as bad as it’s ever been, really. There’s a lot of unshaven grown men in shorts with skateboard trainers singing about the blackness of the future. I find it has no soul. They should all have a shave and they should all put on trousers and they should all take their masks off and they should all go and listen to The Beatles and then they should come back and make some proper music.

“We ain’t changing for nobody. If we suddenly went hip-hop and stuff like that, people would just — my fans, I couldn’t even look them in the face again. We believe in rock and roll! Not in the Kiss sense, you know, not in a clichéd sense. We believe in the power of guitars and amplifiers. That might sound a bit cheesy to people. If you want progression, go listen to Radiohead. But if you want to actually feel your fucking pants flapping, go and see an Oasis show. We believe in it, man, because we’re not fakers. We weren’t faking it in ’94, and we’re not faking it now.”

Oasis‘ new single ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’ is released on June 17.