The Oasis star talks for the first time about the fight challenge from the former Take That star...

LIAM GALLAGHER has finally broken his silence over Robbie Williams challenge to meet in a boxing ring – calling the ex-Take That star a “fucking idiot” and vowing to break his nose the next time they meet.

Speaking to MTV America on the eve of Oasis’ make or break US tour, he said,

“Whenever I meet him, in a club or a disused railway line or anywhere, I’ll break his nose for what he said to my brother, and that’s that, the way it’ll be. I don’t need to go in a ring with him and be on national TV. It’s not the ‘Jerry Springer Show’.


“I’m from Manchester and he’s from Port Vale. And people from Manchester deal with things differently… He’ll get a slap when I bump into him, and that’ll be the end of that.”

Liam also dismissed the idea of a more formal punch-up, claiming he was not interested in “blood money” and felt it sent out the wrong signal to young fans.

“He’s a fuckin’ idiot for a start, right… if he thinks for one minute that I’m gonna get into a boxing ring with him and give the money to charity [he’s crazy]. I don’t believe in blood money”, he said, “who is gonna get the money out of it? The kids? I don’t think that’s a good cause to give to the kids, is it?”

Oasis kick off their North American tour with Travis in Seattle tomorrow night (April 5) keen to reclaim some of the ground lost through disappointing album sales of ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’. The record slid out of the American Top 100 last week and is currently languishing at around 150 on the Billboard chart.

However ticket sales for the live shows have been buoyant. At present 11 of their 20 US shows are sell-outs.