And the Oasis star's been telling NME.COM all about his own band's new LP...

NOEL GALLAGHER has made the first signing to his new ‘SOUR MASH’ record label – the MANCHESTER-based PROUD MARY.

Sour Mash was set up recently in association with Noel’s management company Ignition, and speaking exclusively to NME.COM he said he founded the label: “To give me something to do on my days off.”

The label is entirely independently-owned and financed, and will not affect Oasis’ Big Brother label.

Noel has been working with Proud Mary at his Wheeler End Studio producing tracks for their debut album, due out later this year.

Speaking last week at the NME Carling Awards (February 6), Noel said: “I’ve started my own record label and signed Proud Mary. I’ve just finished doing the album with them and it’s going to be released in March or May. They’re a cross between The Stones, Neil Young and The Band. It’s a lesson in songwriting.

“They’re just mates of mine from years and years back and this started because they applied for the bass player and guitarist’s job [in Oasis], unbeknown to them all.”

Meanwhile, Oasis have now written the majority of their next album, and will start recording it on March 2.

Noel revealed: “There’s no tentative plans for any release dates or anything. We got a bunch of songs – we’ll do track one, play to track seven and fill in the gaps when we get back from touring with the Black Crowes.”

Of Liam’s contribution he said: “He’s written nine songs. We’re going to use three. Six of them are fucking shocking, but three of them are alright.”

Also speaking at the NME awards, Liam said: “We’ve had a bad year and I’m the first to admit it, there’s only two people left, we had a dodgy tour. That’s fine. Shit goes on.

“But we’ve written a load of songs and written the best songs we’ve done. I think they’re the best songs we’ve done, as usual. I thought the last album was the best songs we’ve done.

“But we’ll have to wait and see. Everyone’s happy in a way because everyone’s writing, we’ve got four writers. I’ve written loads, Andy Bell’s written loads. It’s good.

“I just want to make a great album. Not for us, for rock ‘n’ roll.

“It shouldn’t take two years to make an album. We’ve written the album. It takes two months to record it. We’re going to tour because that’s what we do. It will be the same as we always do. We write an album, go and play it, if people like it they like it, if they don’t they don’t.”