Plus Liam claims that they're playing in America in December...

Oasis are to announce their replacement guitarist and bassist later this month following the departure in August of founder members Paul ‘Guigsy’ McGuigan and Paul ‘Bonehead’ Arthurs.

As speculation mounts as to who the replacements will be, Oasis press officer Johnny Hopkins denied that Richard Warren of Echoboy had turned down the bassist position.

Richard (formerly of The Hybirds) was one of the names flying about, but there was never any meeting with the Gallaghers,” he said. “Apparently, he was in to doing the job, but it was never pursued by us as he was still under contract to Mute so he couldn’t give a long-term commitment to Oasis.”

He also refused to confirm that Gem from former Creation band Heavy Stereo was the frontrunner in the race to become the new Oasis guitarist. Hopkins said: “It’s not definitely going to be Gem, because no-one’s actually tried out for the band yet. But that will take place relatively soon and there should be some sort of decision made in a few weeks.”

Hopkins also confirmed that Noel was in the process of selling his London residence Supernova Heights in Belsize Park.

However, he denied reports that Noel and his wife Meg Mathews were about to buy a house in Ibiza, which sparked speculation that he was to become a tax exile.

Hopkins said that even though Oasis were to start a world tour in March and would be on the road for much of the year to promote their forthcoming new album – provisionally titled ‘Where Did It All Go Wrong?’ – the band would still spend most of their time at home.

People wanting to avoid paying tax by staying out of the UK for a year can only spend six weeks in the country on holiday.

Hopkins said that Noel and Meg were simply moving to their country home in Buckinghamshire in order to bring up their baby, which is due in February.

“The lads are not considering a tax dodge. Yes, they’re going to be spending a lot of next year on a world tour, but Noel will be in the UK a lot. He wants to be around for the kid so I think he’ll spend the majority of his time in the UK,” Hopkins stated.

He added that Oasis had just finished mastering the new album in New York. A single, ‘Go Let It Out’, is expected early next year. Also, reports elsewhere quote Liam as saying that Oasis plan to make six US radio appearances before the end of the year. This has yet to be confirmed.

Who will be next in to Oasis? Gem? One of Ocean Colour Scene? Paul Weller? Post a message on the Oasis board…

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