Festival organisers slam the group after their walk-off in Geneva...

PALEO FESTIVAL organisers have slammed LIAM GALLAGHER as “arrogant and provocative”, and criticised Oasis‘ decision to storm off stage during their appearance at last night’s festival as “totally irrational”, nme.com can reveal.

As reported earlier in the day, Oasis played only 30 minutes of a scheduled headline slot at the festival near Geneva, Switzerland last night (July 26), after the band had been pelted with “bottles, cans and coins”, which hit several members of the band.

Oasis then returned for two more songs, but walked off permanently when, according to the band, “Gallagher and drummer Alan White were hit by flying debris”.


However, in a statement released this afternoon, festival organisers have hit back at Oasis for their alleged “arrogant and provocative attitude”.

The statement reads: “About 20 minutes into the concert, singer Liam Gallagher…walked off the stage claiming they were under threat from ‘flying debris’ thrown by members of the audience.

“The festival’s organisers would like to point out that the arrogant and provocative attitude of Liam Gallagher had undoubtedly influenced the audience’s attitude. He insulted members of the audience…the objects were thrown after these insults.”

The statement further accuses the band of making their decision to walk off as the result of a “paranoid reaction by the group, and not based on a calm analysis of the situation, depriving such a huge crowd of the band they had come to applaud”.

The organisers of Paleo are due to hold an internal inquiry into last night’s events on July 28.

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