Liam Gallagher claims the 35,000-strong crowd were throwing objects at the band...

Oasis were bottled offstage after only 30 minutes of a scheduled festival appearance in SWITZERLAND last night (July 26).

The band, without guitarist Noel Gallagher, were due to headline the annual Paleo Festival in Switzerland last night. However, reports from the bash indicate that the band stormed offstage – with Liam Gallagher claiming the group had been pelted with objects from the 35,000-strong crowd.

A statement released today on behalf of the band by Sony Music, claims the band left the stage when “several bottles, cans and coins were thrown on stage, hitting several band members”. It continued: “The band had taken the stage to a roar of anticipation from the audience and approximately 30 minutes in to their performance several bottles, cans and coins were thrown on to the stage, hitting several members of the band. Liam Gallagher and the other members of Oasis walked offstage.


“An announcement was made to the audience advising them that the band wanted to return, but only if nothing further was thrown at the stage…The band returned to the stage for two more songs but were once again forced off when both Liam Gallagher and the drummer Alan White were hit by flying debris.

“The band regret this unfortunate situation and would like to apologise to the majority of festival goers who were robbed of what started out as a fantastic Oasis show.”

Paleo Festival boss Daniel Rossellat is quoted on Reuters as saying the band were “fragile”, denying objects had been thrown. Other, unconfirmed reports suggest that crowd members were taunting Gallagher by chanting the name Robbie Williams.

Festival organisers are due to issue an official statement this afternoon – see nme.com later for the latest updates.

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