Ex-drummer wants to take over Guigsy's old job...

Four years after being sacked as Oasis drummer, TONY McCARROLL has written to Noel and Liam asking for an audition as bassist with the band.

The letter was published in today’s Sun.

It read:


“Dear Liam and Noel,

After hearing about my old pals Guigsy and Bonehead quitting, I thought I should drop you a line…

I know you two never thought I was the best drummer in the world but you might be keen to hear my proposal. I never really thought Guigsy was actually that good a bass player – so I feel I could quite easily step into his shoes. I’ve been practicing and I think I could give it a good shot at being the next bassist.

…It would be just like old times. Don’t worry, I’m not in it for the money, that’s all been settled now. So let’s just let bygones be bygones and start jamming. How about it then, boys? Any chance of an audition?


Tony McCarroll.”


Creation confirmed that the letter was genuine but that they were not taking it particularly seriously.

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