Plus Noel can't resist opportunity for pop at Damon Albarn

Noel Gallagher has already written the songs for the Oasis single that will follow up ‘Go Let It Out’, released in January 2000, so that the new members “can get on with it”.

In an interview in Melody Maker this week, Noel said that he was anxious that they not leave recording new songs too long so that people wouldn’t continue to speculate on the future of Oasis.

In the wake of Guigsy‘s departure, Noel also confirmed that their world tour – which kicks off in March 2000 – will visit the UK last.


“I don’t think England has seen the best of us,” he said. “We usually start with six massive gigs, but we don’t hit our stride until after a month or two. I don’t think we played particularly well on the last tour. Coming out onstage in a big red telephone box threw us a bit. That was a bad advert for drugs.”

Noel again denied that there was any bad blood between him and Bonehead or Guigsy.

“I don’t fall out with people easily. Apart from that knobhead out of Blur. He looks like a dustbin man these days, but good luck to him.”

Noel also said that his ideal line-up would be “…John Squire, Nick McCabe and Simon Jones from The Verve” though he admitted that the line-up probably wouldn’t work out.

As if to fire-up more rumours, Richard Ashcroft and wife Kate from Spiritualized were spotted leaving Olympic Studios in Barnes, London last week while Oasis were completing work on the record.

Creation records boss Alan McGee told NME at Reading: “The album got finished yesterday, and it’s sounding absolutely great. It’s Oasis, but it’s Oasis in the year 1999. It’s different to the other albums, it’s a move on and the production’s better than it’s ever been. It’s really really beautiful.”


McGee was also in the dark about possible replacements: “They’ve still got loads of steam. I’ve spent a lot of time recently with Liam Gallagher and the guy is more alive than almost any other musician I know. He’s still 100 per cent totally up for being in a band and being in Oasis. I think if Noel left, Liam would carry on, do you know what I mean? Liam is just living for it. He’s in amazing form.”

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