The star is ousted from his position as drummer of Tailgunner...

Noel Gallagher‘s band woes have taken another downward turn with the news that he has been fired by Tailgunner, the side project fronted by old mate MARK COYLE on which he plays drums.

“I got kicked out of the band – fired by me best mate!” the Oasis mainman explained. “He signed to another label, and I said I’ve got me own label, and he was like, so what, I’ve got another one, and by the way, you’re not drumming…!”

However, Noel didn’t say when the split occurred.


The Oasis songwriter was talking on Tim Lovejoy‘s Studio 68 show on London’s XFM station last night (July 19).

During the wide-ranging interview, he also went into more depth about the current situation with Oasis.

“At the moment I’m still in the band,” he said, “For the next five gigs I’m still in the band, but after that I don’t know.”

He also said he would never embark on another world tour with Oasis and only decided to return to the fold for the UK and Irish dates because of the new members.

“I only rejoined the band after my dispute with Liam in Barcelona because of the other band members, Gem Archer and Andy Bell. They’re top geezers and great musicians and shouldn’t have seen what happened in Barcelona. They are two of the best guys I’ve ever played with and Andy, as well as being a good bass player, is a fantastic guitarist.”

Noel also reiterated a point made during a Time Out magazine interview this week that if Liam wasn’t his brother he would have kicked him out of the band. And further remarks made it clear that the rift between the two was still some way from being fully mended.


“At present I am being civilised and polite to Liam for the sake of the people who have bought tickets for the gigs, as they are the people who matter.”

He added: “I love him, but do not like him very much as we just don’t get on. It’s difficult working with your brother in the band, as you can’t be as objective about the music, when you’re in the studio like you could be with a mate or colleague.”

During the interview, which ran three times longer than the scheduled 15 minutes, Noel also touched on the joys of fatherhood, on the end of Liam and Patsy Kensit’s marriage and the spat between Liam and Robbie Williams.

Oasis play two sold-out shows this weekend (July 21/22) at Wembley Stadium.

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