The feuding Oasis brothers explain what led to their latest falling out...

Noel Gallagher has said that if LIAM wasn’t his brother, he’d have sacked him from Oasis years ago, while LIAM has claimed he actually wants to BE NOEL during the pair’s first dual interview since their May bust-up and subsequent reunion.

Interviewed for this week’s Time Out, London‘s listings magazine, the feuding brothers explain what led to their bitter falling out.

“We had a fight. And he won, I’ll give him that,” confesses Liam. “I was out of order and he was out of order.”


Noel responds by saying that “if I wasn’t related to him, I’d have sacked him fucking four years ago.”

The guitarist and band fulcrum also counters Liam‘s claim that “we’ve got loads of new songs” by readily admitting he had only two new tracks completed, and he has “gone 18 months without writing anything”.

And the question of Noel‘s possible solo album brings an angry response from his brother.

“I don’t want to hear anything about solo albums,” he blasts. “It’s not good for the band and it’s not good for me… You’re not putting me on a fucking shelf for a year.”

However, this looks less likely than before as Noel confesses he couldn’t be “arsed” to do “one album of maybe, like, acoustic-y, folky stuff in between Oasis records”.

Liam rounds off saying of Noel, “I adore him… I wanna be him. He wants to be me.”


To read the full interview, conducted just before their triumphant return at Dublin’s Landsdowne Road last weekend (July 8), see Time Out, in shops in London today (July 18).

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