Friends of Oasis brand media frenzy urging a Robbie Williams vs Liam Gallagher boxing match as "sick"...

Sources close to Oasis have slammed the media circus calling for a boxing match between LIAM GALLAGHER and Robbie Williams as “sick, pathetic and irresponsible”.

An Oasis insider, who asked for his identity to be withheld for fear of stoking the flames of the furore further, said the band were also refusing to give an official comment for fear of making matters worse.

He told nme.com: “The band are amazed at what’s going on at the moment. The whole thing is pathetic. All these people, including newspapers, Robbie himself and boxing promoters seem to be getting mileage out of violence.”

“It’s sick. No-one has pointed out that it would actually be illegal. The British Board of Boxing are sick of getting calls from tabloids about it I’m sure. The band just want to get on with playing live and promoting their record around the world. They just want an end to it.”

“People are talking about fighting and charity in the same breath. It’s sick. What kind of example would it set for their fans? That violence is the answer to any disagreement? It’s irresponsible and it’s gone beyond a joke now. And whatever Liam said in the first place was said in jest. He never wanted this to become an issue.”

The row started when Noel Gallagher called former Take That star Robbie Williams a “fat dancer” in an interview last month.

It was previously thought that both Noel and Liam were friends with Robbie, as the trio had very publicly hung out together at the 1995 Glastonbury Festival, after which Williams famously quit Take That.

After the “fat dancer” slur, Robbie sent Noel a wreath of flowers, with a note bearing the legend: “To Noel Gallagher, RIP. Heard your latest album – with deepest sympathy, Robbie Williams“.

Liam retalliated by saying he’d break Robbie’s “fuckin’ nose” if he saw him. Then at last week’s Brit Awards, Robbie challenged Liam to a televised fist fight and bet him #100,000 of his own money that he’d win, concluding: “Are you going to do it, or are you going to pussy out, you fucking wimp?”.

Since then, a stream of big-named boxing promoters including Frank Warren and Lloyd Honeyghan have rushed forward waving their cheque books offering to put the fight on. ‘Return Of The Mack’ singer Mark Morrisson has even offered to referee the match, and throw in #100,000 of his own money for the winner.

Oasis meanwhile have been as far away from the media feeding frenzy as possible in Japan on the first leg of their world tour, supporting the release of their current number one album ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’.

Oasis return to the UK on July 15 to play the Bolton Reebok Stadium and four more UK stadium dates. They then headline the Reading/Leeds Carling Weekend Festival over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

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