Despite reports Johnny Marr unlikely to be new Oasis guitarist...

LIAM GALLAGHER has revealed that he is “gutted” at Bonehead‘s exit from Oasis.

“I’m really not happy about it. None of us are,” he told The Sun last night at a film premiere. “Bonehead‘s my mate and it came pretty much out of the blue. It’s been a shock. But don’t worry – we’re not splitting up.”

Bonehead is a long time mate of Liam‘s – he was in Oasis (then called Rain) before Noel joined the group.


“He’s a top man and I wish him luck. He’ll probably do some solo stuff and I’m looking forward to that.”

Liam added: “He’s got talent…he was in Oasis.”

Yesterday’s Daily Star reported that Johnny Marr was being lined up as the new Oasis guitarist, though the story was based on “speculation” that he had already held talks about joining the band.

Creation records, however, dismissed the report as “total rubbish”.

Marr is currently in Los Angeles and may be working with Beck as well as a new solo project.