Devotees logging on to one of the band's unofficial sites claim to have a title and a tracklisting for the eagerly-awaited record...

OASIS are rumoured to have given their latest album the working title of ‘LONGTIME SERVANT OF THE GUN’.

Fans who’ve been logging onto the band’s unofficial Internet newsgroup [url=]www.alt.music.oasis

claim to have discovered the title recently and have even compiled what they think will be the new record’s tracklisting.

Songs slated to appear on the new album include titles of ‘Revival’, ‘Songbird’ (written by Liam), ‘She Is Love’, ‘The Roller’ (written by Gem Archer), ‘Who’s Lookin”, ‘Stand Out Man’, ‘Streets Ahead But Miles Behind’, ‘Together’, ‘It’s A Crime’, ‘Longtime Servant Of The Gun’, ‘Heart On Sleeve’ and ‘Shout It Out Loud’.

A source close to the band said the song titles sounded ‘familiar’, but an official spokesperson told NME.COM: “I’m going to pass that album title on to Noel because I believe he’s trying to think of one.

“It is going well in the studio but it’s very premature to talk about titles yet.”