ANOTHER OASIS EXCLUSIVE gives you the final sneak preview of the band's new album 'Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants' - plus exclusive video interview with the band...

The final addition to the Oasis module can be accessed via as of today.

‘I Can See A Liar’, taken from the band’s new album ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’, released this morning through their own Big Brother label, is one of the darker, guitar based tracks from the album. Also on the module is exclusive interview footage of Liam and Noel discussing the new record.

The module will remain active for another week, before being dismantled on March 6. To access the Oasis Module, click on the smart button at the bottom of this page.


Finally, tabloid reports claim Liam Gallagher has set about recording a song about his new born child, Lennon. Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he said the track was called ‘Born Under A Different Cloud’. He told reporters ‘I’ve not finished it yet but it’s really good. It’s got piano on and that.” [url=]

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