Oasis bass player collaborates on cult footballer book...

Oasis bass player PAUL McGUIGAN will chat live on Thursday (December 3) on Express Sport Live on Thursday December 3 at 1 pm GMT.

Guigsy and writer PAOLO HEWITT have collaborated on ‘The Greatest Footballer You Never Saw’, a book about ROBIN FRIDAY, former Reading FC player and forgotten football genius, which has just been published by Mainstream Books price seven pounds ninety nine.

Friday was notorious for his drink and drug escapades off the pitch as well as prodigious talents on; when he scored, he used to celebrate by knocking policemen’s helmets off. He was last spotted on the cover of SUPER FURRY ANIMALS‘The Man Don’t Give A Fuck’.


Hewitt and Guigsy read an article about Friday while they were on a plane and decided to find out more. They’ll be chatting live about Robin Friday, Manchester City FC, football in general and the current doings of Oasis.

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