'Familiar To Millions' gets its first airing in the UK capital...

Oasis live DVD ‘FAMILIAR TO MILLIONS’ was premiered this afternoon (October 13) in a west LONDON cinema.

However, rumours that Noel Gallagher was going to put in an appearance at the Everyman Cinema in Hampstead proved unfounded.

The disc, which is built around the first of the band’s two semi-legendary shows at Wembley Stadium earlier this summer (July 21), features several sections not available on the forthcoming VHS version of the concert.

Aside from a 45-minute documentary shot by Radiohead associate Grant Gee, the ‘Familiar To Millions’ director Dick Carruthers revealed that brief clips from the more incendiary performance on July 22 – that saw the Gallagher brothers almost come to blows onstage – have been included on the disc.

When users flick between any features on the DVD, whether it be focusing on individual live tracks or the complete discography with audio clips, one of 30 random snippets from the second night’s show will play.

The ‘Familiar To Millions’ DVD, VHS and album will be released through Big Brother on November 13.