Noel Gallagher takes requests from fans in late-night Dublin drinking session...

Noel Gallagher sat up late into the night at the bar of JURY’S HOTEL in DUBLIN, taking song requests from fans after rejoining his brother and the rest of OASIS onstage earlier in the day.

Gallagher told on the flight back to London this morning (July 9) that he had been staying separately from the rest of the band and had spent a few hours chatting with fans in the hotel bar and taking on board suggestions for future Oasis setlists.

The guitarist, who told that he was on his way home for a week off, said that although he thought the Dublin gig had been “brilliant”, he had not been tempted to join Oasis for their next shows in Athens because “too many people have been dying in forest fires out there”.

Gallagher is next scheduled to appear with the band in Bolton next weekend.