The elder brother makes a triumphant return in Dublin...

Noel Gallagher rejoined Oasis tonight (July 8) in a triumphant live return at Dublin’s LANSDOWNE ROAD stadium.

It was the first time the guitarist, songwriter and man widely held as being the most important part of the band had played or been with brother Liam since his public walkout prior to a Paris show some two months ago.

And the rumoured feud between the pair seemed to be settled with a brief handshake following ‘Acquiesce’. The track, on which the duo share vocals with lyrics that include the line “we need each other” was kicked off by Liam‘s affirmation that, contrary to reports, Oasis were not to split.


“There’s been little things said about us over the last couple of weeks that have pissed us off,” he said, “but I can tell you we’re not fucking splitting up.”

The more spirited and driven version of the song than fans might have been used to followed by Liam walking towards his brother and offering his hand went some way to confirm this.

However, the marriage breakdown announced yesterday of Liam and actress Patsy Kensit was not broached. The only allusion to the split that eagle-eyed fans could have picked up came, significantly, during ‘Stand By Me’. During the second verse Liam very audibly accentuated the line “I’m tired of talking on the phone” while making a point of stabbing his finger towards the microphone.

It was one of the only times the singer, very much at his panther-like prowling, wide-eyed staring best, seemed annoyed during the show. For the rest, despite a rather edgy, lumpen start, he seemed to be having a ball. He even jokingly dedicated ‘Cigarettes And Alcohol’ to British Prime Minister Tony Blair‘s 16 year-old son Euan, arrested earlier this week being found drunk and incapable in London’s Leicester Square.

“This is for Tony Blair‘s son,” he laughed, “he can come for a pint with me any time.”

The show itself saw the band, performing without Noel replacement Matt Deighton, re-emerge as one of the most vital live groups in Britain.


Versions of crowd favourites like ‘Wonderwall’, ‘Shakermaker’ and ‘Live Forever’ had an edge and drive that reminded the assembled 40-something thousand fans of why they have risen to the levels they have.

Noel too seemed to relax back into his familiar role. Following the crowd singing back almost all of ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’, the only track on which he took the lead, he smiled and nodded to the rest of the band suggesting that the upcoming UK gigs might not, in fact, be his last with the group.

He exited the stage wishing Dublin well and smiling, adding, “We’ll see you next time.”

The full setlist was as follows: ‘Fuckin’ In The Bushes’, ‘Go Let It Out’, ‘Who Feels Love?’, ‘Supersonic’, ‘Shakermaker’, ‘Acquiesce’, ‘Gas Panic!’, ‘Roll With It’, ‘Stand By Me, ‘Wonderwall’, ‘Cigarettes And Alcohol’, ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’, ‘Live Forever’.

Encore: ‘Hey Hey My My (Out Of The Blue)’, ‘Champagne Supernova’, ‘Rock And Roll Star’.

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