The Oasis singer calls his brother a "goalhanger" as they prepare to reunite for a stadium tour of the British Isles...

LIAM GALLAGHER has maintained that his relationship with brother NOEL is “terrible”, accusing him of being a “goalhanger” for only playing the band’s UK shows on their current European tour.

Speaking in an interview recorded in Zurich at the end of May for the new issue of Q Magazine, Liam said the state of his relationship with brother Noel is: “terrible, terrible”. When asked how he feels about the band’s forthcoming UK dates with Noel, due to start in Dublin on Saturday (July 8), Liam said: “I’m not thinking about them…we’ll see what happens….if he turns up. Goalhanger!”

Elsewhere in the interview, Liam confesses the reason Noel walked out of the tour was because of an ongoing argument about solo albums, not his drinking. He said: “I was doing interviews, and I’m hearing this solo shit. It’s bollocks…I don’t want to be hearing about it. Just fucking do it and get it over and done with, but I don’t want to hear about it.


“I’ve got my family and I’ve got this band, and I don’t need anything else. So for him to be committing to some solo thing pisses me off because he should be just solid, thinking about this band…I don’t think about anything else, except this band, me wife and me kids, and the people in the band. And he’s fuckin’ thinkin’ about solo albums. So we had a little barney. We had a little bit of a scrap, and he got his ball and went home.”

When asked if Oasis would carry on without Noel, Liam was adamant they could. He continued: “There might be a couple of different heads in there, but yeah. This band is better than it’s ever been. What we’re getting together is great.”

In other Oasis news, the band are to combat the threat of ticket touts for Noel Gallagher‘s comeback show at Dublin Lansdowne Road this Saturday (July 8) by releasing a further 1,000 tickets for the gig.

The tickets go on sale nationwide at 9am tomorrow morning (6 July). Some tickets are also still available via the band’s official website [url=]

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