That's the sum that a German court must work out, as a concert promoter stalls on paying the full fee for Oasis' Noel-less dates last year...

A German court should decide the value of OASIS without NOEL GALLAGHER, a LONDON High Court judge ruled today (March 30).

The ruling comes following a dispute last summer when Oasis played two shows in Germany without their songwriter and lead guitarist. Promoters are refusing to pay the full fee, saying Oasis without Noel are not the band they booked.

Mr Justice Morrison today detailed a rift between Noel and brother Liam that led to Noel refusing to play the June shows. He was replaced by Matt Deighton for many dates on the band’s European tour last year following the fall-out.

As a result of Noel‘s no-show, promoters Mark Lieberg Konzertagentur have refused to pay Definitely Maybe (Touring), Oasis‘ booking company, their full fee. Definitely Maybe (Touring) had attempted to have the case heard in a British court.

“Aside from any other consideration,” Justice Morrison said, “the centre of gravity of the dispute is in Germany, which will provide the more convenient forum for deciding to what extent Oasis without Noel Gallagher was worth anything, and if so, how much.”