Ex-Oasis guitarist Bonehead is giving away a plank of wood from the Haçienda dancefloor

Famed Manchester nightclub closed in 1997

Former Oasis member Bonehead has announced that he is giving away a piece of the Haçienda dancefloor.

Famed Manchester nightclub, The Haçienda closed in 1997 before being demolished in 2002 to make way for luxury flats. The venue was a key setting in the Manchester indie, acid house and rave scenes during the 80s and 90s.

Paul ‘Bonehead’ Arthurs has now taken to Twitter to post a photo of a plank of wood from the floor of the Haçienda, promising to give it away for free to someone who retweets the post. A winner will be chosen at 10pm on Monday night (December 19). See his tweet beneath.

Another piece from the Haçienda dancefloor went up for auction in 2014.

Bonehead recently said he’d be there “like a shot” if the original Oasis line-up reformed. “There’s never a day goes by when I’m not asked by someone about a reunion,” he said. “But nothing has been said to me about that. If I was asked? Then absolutely, like a shot.”

Bookies recently suspended betting on Oasis reforming in 2017, as talk of the Britpop band getting back together continued to gather momentum.

The Gallagher brothers shared had a tense relationship since the Britpop group’s 2009 split, with Liam recently criticising Noel publicly, calling him a potato, a toad, a “scary clown”, describing him as the “Ronnie Corbett of rock” and comparing his brother’s dress sense to that of Gary Barlow.