Oasis’ classic hit single ‘Wonderwall’ has clocked up more than one billion streams

It reached the milestone following the 25th anniversary celebrations of '(What's The Story) Morning Glory?'

Oasis‘ classic hit single ‘Wonderwall’ has clocked up over a billion streams on Spotify.

The 1995 single which previously reached Number Two in the UK singles chart, reached the milestone following the 25th anniversary celebrations of ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’. It is the first track from the 1990s to reach such a target.

To accompany the anniversary, Oasis released a new vinyl reissue package for the classic 1995 album.


As a result, it now sits at Number Three in the midweek official UK album chart and at the summit of the official vinyl album chart.

The landmark album has also reached it’s highest chart position since August 1996, with a 640 per cent sales increase week on week.

Speaking about the record recently Noel Gallagher said: “You know recording [the album], nobody realised that that was our moment. I thought our moment was the one after, that’s what I thought.

“I was on the train listening to [‘What’s The Story…’] today thinking wow, actually, this is, that was my second attempt at writing an album. And the first one wasn’t fucking bad either. You know it’s been 25 years now, and there will still be, we’ll still be sat here in another 25 years, you know. So, I was like, actually…”

Photographer Michael Spencer Jones also recently recalled the band’s notorious fight during the recording of ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’, saying the band actually “split up” during the disagreement.


“It was chaos and the scene of devastation in Liam’s room afterwards was was like nothing I’d ever seen,” Jones said. “It was like a nuclear explosion had gone off.

“Noel wanted me to drive him to Paul Weller‘s house back in London but I couldn’t as I’d been drinking but the band quickly disappeared – and everyone was thinking ‘is that it? is it over?'”