These are the latest bookies’ odds on Oasis reforming

Could Oasis play Knebworth next year?

The latest odds on an Oasis reunion have been released, after Liam Gallagher claimed that Noel Gallagher had “reached out” to him and that they were “all good again”.

The two brothers have been engaged in a very public feud ever since their Britpop band split in 2009. Their beef has escalated in recent months, with both brothers releasing solo albums this year.

Liam has regularly made digs about Noel on social media, with Noel recently hitting back by calling Liam a “village idiot” and describing him as “not well”.


Noel even recently explained why Liam wouldn’t be getting a Christmas present from him this year, quipping: “Liam’s been benefiting from my genius for a long time”.

However, Liam took to Twitter on Tuesday (December 19) to suggest that the pair were going to meet up on Wednesday (December 20) for a festive get-together.

“I wanna say Happy Xmas to team NG it’s been a great year thanks for everything looking forward to seeing you [tomorrow],” he wrote.

“He’s already reached out,” Liam then replied when a fan questioned his first tweet. He later added: “We’re all good again”. You can see the tweets below.


Now the bookies have released the latest odds on a Oasis reunion, with Paddy Power slashing the price on an Oasis tour in 2018 from 100/1 to 8/1.

The release of a new album in 2018 is priced at 10/1, while there’s a 6/4 chance that Liam goes on another rampage, and tweets that they will never get back together again in 2018.

A spokesman Paddy Power said: “It’s time for the Gallagher brothers to stop looking back in anger, isn’t it? We need to liven up 2018, and what better way than with a reunion between two Manc gobsh*tes?

“Hopefully it will put a stop to those dreary solo albums, and may even rival the magnitude of Take That’s reunion. A statement I’m sure they’ll both be pleased with…”

You can see the full odds below.

  • 6/4 Liam to tweet that Oasis will never get back together in 2018
  • 8/1 Oasis to announce a 2018 tour
  • 10/1 Oasis to announce an album for 2018
  • 12/1 Oasis to announce a 2019 tour
  • 16/1 Oasis to play Knebworth in 2018

Many fans believe Liam’s initial tweet to simply be another jibe at his brother Noel and that the brothers aren’t making up at all. Some joked that Liam wasn’t talking about Noel at all but rather Radio One DJ Nick Grimshaw.

Following Liam’s initial claims, he took to Twitter to tweet about the supposed meet-up, appearing to suggest that he and Noel went to the Chiltern Firehouse in Marylebone, London and that the food was “biblical” and the drinks “boom ting”.

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Photos have since emerged from the meal and Noel doesn’t appear to be anywhere in sight, prompting further evidence that the initial tweets may be a joke.