Obie Trice has bullet lodged in skull

The rapper’s label issue statement over shooting

Obie Trice still has a bullet lodged in his skull following a shooting that happened in the early hours of New Years’ Eve.

The rapper was shot whilst driving in Detroit on the Lodge Freeway and was later treated at the city’s Providence Hospital before being dicharged.

Trice is currently recovering at home but his record label, Shady Records, have released a statement regarding the incident.

“As previously reported, Trice was shot at in his car whilst driving along a Michigan freeway with his girlfriend,” the statement said. “(He) was swiftly discharged from hospital and is recovering at home, but apparently he will need to see a surgeon again soon as his injuries are a little more serious than initial reports suggested: a bullet is still lodged in his head, as doctors judged it too risky to move due to its position.”

Trice said of the shooting: “This is living in Detroit, and that’s all. You hear about it because it’s me, I got ties to Eminem or whatever, but I got people that are out there dealing with it every single day where I’m from. As far as all the rumours and guessing games, people talking road rage and all that nonsense, I’m not getting involved in any of that right now.”

As previously reported by NME.COM, shots were fired at the back window of Trice‘s car from another vehicle, though the rapper managed to continue driving and pulled off the freeway before stopping. His girlfriend, who was in the car but was uninjured in the incident, then flagged down police.

The identity of the shooter is still a mystery and Michigan police continue to investigate, but as yet have no suspects.

Trice, who is signed to Eminem‘s label Shady Records, released his debut album ‘Cheers’ in 2003.